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College Football Kickoff 2011!

The train that is college football has officially left the station, and the NFL is now boarding.  Breathe in deep and slow through your nostrils and take it in; the air just starts to smell a little sweeter this time of year, as the pigskin starts flying.

Countless fans of perennial powers sleep tonight with dreams of championships filling their heads, and countless more dream of seeing their teams reach that next rung to join the “big boys”.

For me, this has unquestionably been the longest off-season ever. As the sports media pimped the NFL’s strike for as many headlines as it could, I poured myself into my work in hopes of keeping employment for the season’s kick-off.

By the time I surfaced to start watching some preseason NFL, major college football was awash in scandal. Between Ohio State’s “Tattoo-U” scandal with Coach Jim Tressel (that, pardon me, still seems overblown and more of an indictment against the NCAA than against Tressel himself), Miami’s drowning under Hurricane Nevin, and LSU’s football-soccer cross-training gone awry, there’s no doubt many others share my cry: hit someone on the field already!!!

Between my two alma maters, they have five total seasons of football.  So, while I wish them well, my traditional loyalties primarily lie on the bigger stages of Florida State, Georgia, and Georgia Tech.

Things look very promising for FSU this year as Head Coach Jimbo Fisher starts his second year at the helm. The defense should be the best FSU has fielded in years, and the offense should be explosive even with Christian Ponder’s departure to the Vikings.

I’m hopeful that UGA and Georgia Tech will get back on track this season, as well.

If the ‘Dawgs’ thin offensive line can hold up, their chances in a down SEC-East soar. The first two weeks, versus 5th ranked Boise State and SEC-East favorite South Carolina, should give a good indication of how the rest of the season might go.  I would really love to see Head Coach Mark Richt earn back some of his cred.

I really don’t know what to expect from Georgia Tech this year. Regardless of Coach Paul Johnson’s fidelity to the option run, last year proved that an occasional pass completion is requisite for consistent success. Thursday night’s victory against Western Carolina did show some promise in this area.  Of course, I did say Western Carolina.

I’ll save my NFL talk for next week, but for now, it’s enough to say college ball is here!

Who else is ready for it? Who are your teams, and what are your thoughts on who will take the big prize this season?


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