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Falconotes: Preaseason week 1 – Miami Dolphins

First preseason game against the Dolphins last night. Here are some rapid-fire bullets for discussion:

  • Starters looked very good for the most part.
  • Ryan seemed a little shaky and indecisive. Stats looked good, but several passes (even the TD) were to double-covered receivers. Threw one beautiful strike when he was able to plant his feet. Looking forward to him settling into a groove.
  • Turner looks ready to roll.
  • Garrett  Reynolds looks very solid moving into position as the new guard.
  • Starting defensive unit looked nasty. Can’t wait to see Edwards opposite Abe. Should reduce the need to bring DB’s in on blitzes that leave the secondary vulnerable. Good to see Abe and Grimes getting after it.
  • Julio Jones. Man. If he can stay healthy, he will definitely live up to the pick. Add his affinity for blocking, and I can’t wait to see him gain experience.
  • Roddy didn’t catch, but did you catch his blocking on JJ’s reverse? Atlanta now just might have the best blocking WR’s in the league, which makes Turner smile.
  • Harry Douglas appears to be “back”. Two seasons ago, I had high expectations for him, but he blew his knee pre-season. Last season, he was basically a body to rotate in; not uncommon during the first season back after said injury. Good note: Douglas was instrumental in helping to pull together all the voluntary workouts that Ryan was nearly solely credited for. HD was at every one of them, and I’m expecting big things from him this year – especially after last night’s game.
  • I hope J.P. Wilson’s OK after that monstrous hit. I continue to be impressed by him.

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