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A Proud Legacy

1960.  A young man and his friend crashed a party in northern Mississippi and met a pair of sisters.  As the sky darkened into evening, the party moved to the pasture outside the home. There, they watched a Soviet satellite cross overhead in the starlit Mississippi night.

These two young men each married a sister they met that evening, and both couples remain together today.  One of those couples is my parents, and today I’m proud to wish them a HAPPY 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

Of the countless blessings I thank God for today, there are perhaps none that I hold more dear than that of my parents’ union.

Growing up in an era of skyrocketing divorce rates, I knew many friends and classmates whose parents were divorced.  Accordingly, there were times when I witnessed a flash of temper and harsh words between my parents and feared our family might head down that same doomed path.  The thought broke my heart; I can’t imagine having actually gone through it.

Fortunately, however, I always saw their tempers always reconciled with genuine love and affection.  By their example, I saw that a successful marriage takes work and very Christ-like sacrifice for both partners.  Marriage must come before all else, if it is to work.

My parents also had good examples before them; all my grandparents made it beyond their 50th anniversaries. And on my wedding day, when my last grandparent died, I gained an entire new set of grandparents through my wife, all of whom also surpassed their own 50th anniversaries.  And my wife’s parents will be there before we know it, as well.

What an incredible blessing and legacy!

Thank you Mom and Dad for your wonderful example, and thank you God for being in their midst the whole time!


4 comments on “A Proud Legacy

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  3. Grande Falcone
    September 2, 2012

    Reblogged this on Falcone's Crossroads and commented:

    A year ago, I posted this in tribute to my parents’ 50th Anniversary. I mentioned how my aunt and uncle first met on the same evening as did my parents. Well, this weekend, my aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th Anniversary together, another reminder of just how blessed our family is to have such wonderful examples of marriage in our midst.
    Happy 50th Anniversary Uncle Marvin & Aunt Carole!

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